Science behind hair health: how diet and lifestyle are key, and tips for luscious locks  TODAYonline

HONG KONG — Hair. Some of us have loads, others none. But what is the purpose of it? What explains the variety of colours and textures and, most importantly, …

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Unique treatment could help women with hair loss  KIRO Seattle

Aging often brings on hair loss, and not just in men. The problem with female hair loss is that treatment options are more limited, but an old therapy for damaged …

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Stark Buyer Beware Warning For Stem Cell Industry

A 14 strong team of respected medical experts have come together to issue a stark warning. They want to highlight bad practice in a growing stem cell industry and urge the public towards doing their homework.


Stem Cell Therapy

Make no mistake, stem cell therapies are making their way into serious medical applications. They are already making a difference to lives and providing doctors with new therapies and alternative, improved options for treating their patients.

For well over a decade, stem cells have been used in recuperative medicine for their ability to enhance rates of recovery. That last decade has seen a jaw-dropping range of stem cell-based therapies come to market. While some, like platelet-rich plasma, have been well researched and have the authority of clinical trials to support their use, many others do not. 

One treatment, widely available, came in for specific criticism. The practice of selling non-viable birth tissues as live “stem cell” products to cure chronic disease. It is a market populated by naturopaths and acupuncturists as well as chiropractors and doctors… not to mention what are described as “mid-level” providers. 

Fighting Back

A team of 14 highly regarded doctors, scientists, and regulatory experts came together to amplify their voices. They delivered a damning indictment on sections of the stem cell business. In regard to the selling of amniotic and cord blood products to desperate patients looking for an effective treatment, they were damning. Marketers were scathed for taking full-page newspaper ads and delivering seminars to promote their use, and distributed sales material that cites clinical data to claim efficacy and safety. In fact, no such clinical evidence exists. Worse still, examinations of the contents of commercially available amniotic and blood cord products showed no live or functional stem cells. There were growth factors present, but in much smaller quantities than are found in platelet-rich plasma and other orthobiological products. 

HIS Hair Clinic

Sufferers from hair loss are invariably targetted by these edge of the envelope treatments. Little wonder, given the huge demand and lack of serious and positive treatment options, and absolutely nothing that holds even the glimmer of a hope that it will return you to a full head of hair.  In the words of one doctor on the subject, “If ever there was a case of buyer beware, this is it. There are so many unscrupulous clinics out there…”

So there you have it. From a group of industry heavyweight experts. More than a warning, actually pointing out the degree to which bad practice has already become endemic in their young industry. So do your due diligence carefully, there are some very well presented, qualified even, people out there hoping to separate you from your cash.

 If you would like to discuss your hair loss situation with one of our team of friendly experts, simply complete our contact form on this page or click here to find your nearest clinic.

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Model with alopecia and seizures is showing fashion is for everyone

Caitlin Leigh lost her hair in a matter of hours. Then she had her first seizure. Now, she’s working to get more diversity in modelling.

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The hairy truth: how diet and lifestyle can help your luscious locks  South China Morning Post

Everyone’s hair is different: the shades, shapes, length, texture. But what is the purpose of hair, and how should we best take care of it? Find out how your …

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Hair transplant doc reveals celebs who’ve had secret surgery – including Oscars star  Mirror Online

The number of men having hair transplants has tripled thanks to stars like Wayne Rooney, Shane Warne and Jack P Shepherd.

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Losing His Hair Made Him a Better Actor  Winchester News Gazette

Actor Anthony Carrigan has been in some of your favorite T.V. shows, and it’s usually as a villain. Carrigan has alopecia, an autoimmune disorder that causes …

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If Sheseido Decides to Do So

I used to cover Replicel (Canada) and its Japanese cosmetics behemoth partner Shiseido at least a few times per year until last year. At some point, I got skeptical about the RCH-01 hair loss product being released any time soon.

Shiseido LogoBesides typical delays, Replicel and Shiseido had some unclear conflicts regarding their partnership.

However, Replicel announced two important updates this month, the second of which is of most interest to us:

Per the first link, the disagreement regarding the status of the agreement between Shiseido and Replicel remains unresolved. However, it is not the subject to any litigation or arbitration.

The key money quote is from the second link:

“While the Company’s RCH-01 product for hair loss due to androgenic alopecia may be launched in Japan much earlier if Shiseido decides to do so, current planning anticipates the potential for all four products to be on the market in Japan by 2022.”

The implication seems to be that:

  1. Shiseido could release the product well before 2022. See my past post on Shiseido’s research in Kobe.
  2. Even if Shiseido does not release the product earlier, it will quite possibly get released in 2022 in Japan by Replicel. See my past post on Japan’s new laws fast-tracking stem cell therapies and clinical trials.

Another key quote:

“Unlike anywhere else in the world, one well-designed cell therapy trial in Japan, approved by their regulatory authorities, has the potential to lead to product market launch.”

Replicel is clearly focusing on a “First-in-Japan” strategy due the country’s favorable regulatory environment. Shiseido has rights to the Asian market when it comes to RCH-01, but it seems like Replicel can still release the product in Japan in 2022 if Shiseido does not do so?

Hard to make this conclusion for certain without knowing much more about the two companies’ legal contract. In any case, this is a great development.

Further references:

Shiseido discusses Replicel technology in two videos.

Shiseido and Adenosine.

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Global Hair Loss & Growth Treatments and Products Market To Gain Pace in 2019  Market Biz Group

Global Hair Loss & Growth Treatments and Products Market: This research report focuses on Past-Current Size, Upcoming Industry Trends & Forecast for 2024.

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Rachel Platten Asked Her Fans What to Do About Postpartum Hair Loss, and We’re All Ears  POPSUGAR

Rachel Platten — the singer behind “Fight Song” and new mom to a sweet daughter named Violet Skye — recently asked her Instagram followers what the deal …

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