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Amazing Hair Loss Stats From China

Chinese press reports suggest hair loss is on the rise and affecting more younger people than ever. We take a closer look.


Hair Loss In China

A survey conducted by the China Association of Health Promotion and Education (CAHPE) put the number of hair loss sufferers at 250 million. They put the number of men in that group at 160 million. It is a staggering figure, but one that is equivalent to 23% of the male population and so to be expected. There is another statistic however that might point to something more unusual. 

Alibaba Health Information Technology Company is a Hong Kong-based investment firm deeply invested in China’s health industry. They published a white paper last year which showed that the post-1990’s generation accounts for 36.1% of hair loss sufferers. The same paper gave the figure for the post-1980’s generation as 38.5%. This suggests a problem that is getting worse among the younger generation. 

That is backed up by Yang Shuxia, a dermatologist at the Peking University First Hospital who said, “When we make the clinical rounds, we see more young patients with thinning hair, so it does exist.”

That hair loss is becoming an issue for younger people in China was further supported by a 2017 survey. The 4,000 students at Tsinghua University were polled. A jaw-dropping 60% reported thinning hair with 40% claiming to have noticed receding hairlines. 


As you might expect, each of these surveys and reports makes suggestions on what is causing this rise in young hair loss. Prime suspects were given as stress, insomnia, and irregular living patterns. These are widely recognised as triggers for failing hair health around the world, along with pollution and poor diet. While the principal determining factor remains genetic, you get your hair genes from both parents, and this will largely dictate the point at which you will start to lose your hair, environmental and social factors can and do have a bearing.


As you might expect, the hair loss treatment market in China is growing at an exceptional pace. report that sales of shampoos promoted as hair-growing were up 136% year on year. More interestingly, and significant, is that Taobao, Chinese E-Commerce giant, reported that in 2017 a number of hair loss products were in its top 40 bestselling lines. They included vibrating hair brushes, herbal remedies, adhesive hair pieces, and minoxidil, the FDA approved hair loss drug. Even more remarkably, over 40% of those sales went to consumers under 30 years old.

HIS Hair Clinic

China has seen spectacular growth over the last few decades. This has seen tens of millions change their lifestyle in radical ways. No doubt this will have played into the issues of stress and might be a key factor in these statistics. The numbers certainly suggest there is something of an epidemic occurring and it will be interesting to watch the results of future surveys to see how it develops from here. 

Hair loss sufferers everywhere might be encouraged that China, with its breathtaking scale of resources, could lead future research into a cure. 

If you would like to discuss your hair loss situation with one of our team of friendly experts, simply complete our contact form on this page or click here to find your nearest clinic. 

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Do Vegans Risk Hair Loss?

Veganism is seriously on the rise according to many experts.  With its substantially different profile to carnivorous diets we ask, do vegans risk hair loss?



The vegan diet involves avoiding products that come from animals. So all dairy products, eggs, honey, and meat are on the list. It requires a huge shift for a committed carnivore to switch. 

The news is full of stories and articles proclaiming the benefits of going to a vegan diet, for health and environmental reasons. It is hard to argue with the claims around the damage done to the environment. The rearing of animals for meat is incredibly water intensive, especially in the production of beef. Also, the amount of waste produced by the animals represents another challenge. Whether you are looking at the gases or effluent the problem is mountainous and hard to ignore.

The health benefits of veganism would seem to stand up to scrutiny. A 15 year UK study following 60000 men and women found that vegetarians were 11% less likely to develop cancer, and vegans a remarkable 19% less likely. Beyond cancer, there are numerous other associated advantages. Improved blood pressure, as well as a reduced risk of heart disease and diabetes, to name a few.

On The Rise

What are the numbers behind the claims that veganism is increasing in popularity? BMG Research ran a study on 1507 British subjects and found that over 12% would consider a vegan diet. Though fully one third might take the decision if they had to kill their own food. The British vegan society estimate that the number of vegans has trebled in the last decade. In the States, a Harris poll of 2017 adults found that 3.4%, equivalent to over eight million Americans, were solely vegetarian and that one million were strictly vegan.

The Risks

If you are one of those considering a change then there are some important facts you will need to take into consideration. There are a range of nutrients and vitamins that can become difficult to work into the diet. Vitamins B12 and D for starters. Minerals like iodine, zinc, calcium and, in particular, iron. All will need to carefully replaced, or more likely supplemented.

The danger to the quality of hair and its growth is a real one too. Vitamin D is vital, as is iron. But so are a range of minerals, and long chain Omega-3’s. 

Beyond hair loss, there have been a couple of studies, both controversial, suggesting a link between increased mental health and sickness than their meat-eating counterparts.  The NHS in England has concluded that reduced exposure to some cancers is balanced by a lower quality of life.

HIS Hair Clinic

Far from a clear picture, the full story on veganism is still being written. Definite pros and cons on either side of the argument. But it is clear that anyone choosing to go meat-free does need to take purposeful steps to replace the missing elements from their diet. Make no mistake, a substantial change in diet is on the list of hair loss causes. 

If you would like to discuss your hair loss situation with one of our team of friendly experts, simply complete our contact form on this page or click here to find your nearest clinic. 



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