In-Clinic Hair Loss Consultation

& Microscopic Hair Analysis

Serving DC, MD, VA



When you meet with Bobby he will personally talk to you about your hair loss, help determine the causes, recommend appropriate  blood testing, and offer  treatment options to successfully address your hair loss or scalp needs. The consultation takes up to one hour. In addition, consultation includes hair density check, digital microscopic examination of hair follicle & scalp and polarized microscopic examination of hair bulb and cuticle.

Microscopic Hair Analysis will assess the following:

  • Examine the hair bulb and hair cuticle
  • Identify the overall condition of your hair shaft
  • Identify Color Damage
  • Identify Relaxer Damage
  • Identify Chemical Over-processing from Hair Straightners
  • Identify what phase your hair is falling out in (Anagen or Telogen)
  • Identify follicle plugs due to oil, dirt or product build-up
  • Identify lack of follicle nutrition
  • Identify if any structural damage
  • Determine if the hair is falling out in the correct stage or prematurely
  • If hair breakage is occurring or if hair is coming out from the root
  • Identify any genetic forms of Alopecia

Microscopic Hair Strand Analysis
$99 One-time Fee