iGrowTM is the world’s first laser hair therapy system that is HANDS FREE and REQUIRES NO MANUAL MOVEMENT and is cleared by the FDA.

iGrow’s® proprietary Low-Level Light Therapy (LLLT) technology utilizes a highly effective combination of red laser and LED light diodes to effectively stimulate and energize cellular activity causing an uptake in the natural function of the hair follicle. This proven 4 to 6 month process reverses hair thinning/loss, and effectively grows new healthy hair that is thicker, fuller and more vibrant.

iGrowTM has the enhanced benefits of low level lasers and super luminescent LED to stimulate biophysical repair and neovascularization (new blood flow). The Low Level Laser or Light Therapy is used for hair regrowth. As the red light delivered by laser or LED is absorbed into the mitochondria of cells in the hair follicle, it activates transcription factors leading to the stimulation of the anagen phase of the hair cycle. Thus, iGrowTM is SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN FOR LASER HAIR RESTORATION, with visible results in as little as 60 days.


CONVENIENT – The iGrowTM is portable and can be used at home, at the office or at any convenient location It only requires a 20 minutes treatment 2 times per week.

EFFECTIVE – Designed to cover the entire scalp with 51 Laser/LEDs that provide an effective efficient treatment.

AFFORDABLE – Cost is less than most commonly used treatments, topical lotions, pills or hair loss clinic treatments.

iGrowTM also has an easy & automated handset that provides treatment programs for both men & women. Both men and women now have an alternative to laser combs and brushes that are difficult to use.