Telephone or Live Video

Hair Loss Consultation

From anywhere in the world, find out:

  • why you are losing your hair
  • treatment options to regrow it
  • how to maintain healthy hair




If you cannot come into our clinics located in Virginia, you can still speak with Bobby regarding your hair loss or scalp issue. Whether you are dealing with abnormal hair loss, thinning hair, hair breakage, dandruff, flaky scalp, or constant shedding it is essential to understand the root cause of the problem before undertaking any kind of effective treatment.

We realize that many people will not be able to come into a hair loss clinic for various reasons. To give the the best possible advice on hair loss our telephone or  online video Skype service can help. No matter where you are in the world we are open 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days per year. This informative hair loss consultation will get the best possible advice on what to do to stop your hair loss and regrow your hair.

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